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Why Advertise With Us?

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"The Kids' Directory has proven to be a terrific place to advertise our children and family activities. We consistently receive a great response from our ads.

— Randi Vogel, Owner

Hampton Roads Kids' Directory Resource Guide
Advertise in the Hampton Roads Kids' Directory
Advertise in the Hampton Roads Kids' Directory

Most Importantly: Your Ad Gets Noticed!

When parents and grandparents pick up the Kids' Directory, they are discovering your business! They are not reading an article on the same page, and leaving us to hope that they notice your ad! Our readers won't get lost looking for your advertisement. Because we are A SHOPPING, PRODUCT AND RESOURCE GUIDE, not an article-based entertainment publication or craft-project newspaper, your product, event or service is the focus of their attention while reading the Kids' Directory! Our monthly guide is picked up by people who choose it, keep it and use it!


Color Sells!

The ads in the Kids' Directory are in full color at no extra charge. Independent research confirms it. Color increases reader attention span by up to 82%. Decision making improves by 70%. Reader retention increases by 78%. Get readers' attention and get your message out!


Quality Counts

The Kids' Directory provides attention-grabbing color ads printed on magazine-quality, glossy paper - Not Newsprint! Our experienced graphic designer can create an ad for you that will attract new customers.


High Ad Visibility

We are advertisement driven: your ad will not compete with articles for attention, and our readers are interested in learning about what you have to offer. Moms and Dads love it because it's easy to find, designed to be a quick read and it's always FREE!



For over 21 years and in over 75 cities across the country, the Kids Directory has proven itself as the premier family resource guide, an established track record you can depend on. The Hampton Roads Kids' Directory is locally-owned and locally-published, providing quality service from ad concept to print and beyond. We want to build a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship with you - your success is our success! We have been in business for over 11 years in Hampton Roads.


Sized to Keep

The convenient digest size of our publication encourages the customer to slip it in their purse or bag, take it home, and keep it to use over and over.


Free Internet Listing

Your print ad is displayed free on our web site!


Affordable Pricing

The Kids' Directory is priced to fit every advertising budget. We'll help you find the advertising plan that's right for your business. For less than you would pay for black and white advertising, you'll be reaching your exact market in full color.



It All Starts Here!

It’s the distribution that counts! We put your business in front of area families by placing our Kids' Directories strategically, where parents will find and read them. To verify accuracy of distribution, we personally distribute the directories each month to OVER 500 locations that target your active buyers month after month. Our directory can be found in the following places.



Doctor Offices: Pediatrician, Family Practice, OB/GYN, Pediatric Dental and Orthodontic - Hospital Waiting Areas - Daycares and Private Schools - Learning and Tutoring Centers - Children's Retail Stores - Children Activity Centers - Party Centers - Public Libraries 


Hassle-Free! We are here to help!

Our professional graphic artist will design a custom ad for you to meet your needs for a nominal fee. We offer incredible quality print prodution, with professional artwork. 


Who Reads the Hampton Roads

Kids Directory?

Families that regularly seek sources of quality products, activities and services for their children, themselves and their homes.

95% of our readers are females

94% are 25-45 years old

65% have incomes over $55,000

85% are homeowners

80% are college educated

60% use daycare


Look at What Advertisers Say!




Parents Love Us! 

Look at What Parents are Saying!

I use it to plan my little one's birthday parties & canvassing for summer camps & dance classes! Maricel S.

LOVE the directory. It offers one stop shopping for great ideas. Keep up the great work! Jeanette F.

I love KD!!! I just tried Back Bay mining a few weeks ago and I was a so pleased thanks for giving us such different ideas. I also started to call some of the dance studios in there to find one for my 3 year old. Thanks so much! Anna M.

I use Kids Directory all the time to find things to do. Just picked up an issue at my son's pediatrician's office the other day! Great job! Naomi B.

I use the Kid's Directory all the time. Especially during birthday season! Christi T.

I don’t have time to read articles so the Kids’ Directory lets me find info quickly. Belinda M.

The Kids’ Directory is a must have if you have kids. Dawn D.

Hampton Roads Kids' Directory Resource Guide
Hampton Roads Kids' Directory: Family, Kids, and Parents
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